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eleleu ([personal profile] eleleu) wrote2009-06-21 03:06 pm
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Hey, I know! FicFest!

omgwtf am I doing. (Besides studying for the bar, which makes me crazy.)

Let's see:

Next weekend, home to visit the family. Yay!

4th of July, off to Lake Lanier for partying. Woo!

July 14/15: reserved for general fannishness, because Bastille Day and HBP. Ee!

July 28/29: take the bar exam. Oh, sh -

August 1: home for friend's wedding. Hooray!

August 3: back to Baltimore to pack and move back to DC. Joy!

August 17: start new job. Love! (And terror!)

So. Obviously what I need right now is to commit myself to a bunch of fannish deadlines that fall ... in mid-August.

*does it*